Ode Productions has done a fair amount of contract filmmaking abroad, traveling from Latin America to Africa and Asia for our work with various NGOs. These projects have covered a variety of topics, from food security in Kenya to advocacy issues in Guatemala. Our contract films include: Helping End Hunger in Maniema, Diyen, Together We Stand, Mennonites Everywhere, and Working Together to Help End Hunger in India.

We shoot all of our projects on a Sony PMW-EX1 at Broadcast Quality HD. All editing is done with Final Cut Pro Studio, and all sound is recorded and edited on Pro Tools. Our additional equipment includes: lapel and shotgun mics, bounce pads and lighting kits, a glidecam unit, as well as any gripstands or screens that may be required. We can also reduce our gear to a camera, mics and a bounce pad when traveling in more remote parts of the world.

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