Paul Plett: Filmmaker

Paul Plett studied film at the Toronto Film School where he developed an appreciation for all aspects of film making. He devoted the majority of his time there to directing, and is currently developing a reputation as a maverick filmmaker in the festival circuit. His passion is to tell stories that explore the human condition, wherever that may lead him or his viewers.

Since graduating from film school, Paul has been dividing his time between directing independently produced films, and doing contract filmwork for various non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

His independent films have won him acclaim across North America having been officially selected by the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, the Global Peace Film Festival in Orlando, and YoungCuts Film Festival in Montreal to name a few. His independent films include: Tribe (2009), Mbegu (2010) [recipient of the Canada Int. Film Festival's ROYAL REEL award], Valtheri (2010), Sumu (2011), A Documentary About Love (2011), GODART (2012), Shiru (2012), Brelle (2012), and Noma (2013).

Paul has done a fair amount of contract filmmaking abroad, traveling from Latin America to Africa for his work with various NGOs. These projects have covered a variety of topics, from food security in Kenya to advocacy issues in Guatemala. His contract films include: Helping End Hunger in Kenya (2010), La Mina (2010), Enlace (2010), Helping End Hunger in Maniema (2011), Harvest For Hunger (2012), Together We Stand (2012), and Helping End Hunger in India (2013).

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